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Real Crash - by Howard

We can avoid nuclear war by putting the financial system into bankruptcy reorganization.Need Glass-Steagall Act, water projects, space program. Need a change to production, the real American System.

Mortgage Blues at Green River

Green River-- Creedence Mortgage Blues
Green River Babe

Do you remember your President Nixon;
(do, do do do do do do)
Thatís when the free trade scheme was a fixiní

Dollars value settled in London; slave of the free market machine
But if you get a lost, Remember you are now bankrupt!!!

Jimmy Carter pushed free trade one bit more;
Deregulated, spit on FDR;
Slave labor truckiní destroyed the highways;
Railroads torn up, thrown in the junkyard;
And if this gets you lost; remember sonny youíre bankrupt!!

Do do do do do do!!

Then there was the stock crash of 87
Thought all the junk bonders, go to heaven;
Michael Milken went off the jail;
But, Alan Greenspan sent him some bail;
Started real estate bubble, now baby you are bankrupt!!

Yeah! Jump in the Green River!

With Al Gore getting the No Balls prize for his greenie crap, I thought I would do a take off on that old Green River, by the Creedence Gang! Nothin' like some down home funk, to get away from scientific junk. Hope John Fogerty appreciates it on his tour.

Meanwhile there are rallies in Boston, Mass. against the Countryside Real Estate Creeps:

About 100 people gathered at three Countrywide offices in Boston to protest its practices, yesterday, just hours after the firm announced that delinquencies and foreclosures in its portfolio were rising steeply. Some of the signs from protesters were "My Life is not Adjustable. Stop Adjustable Rates!!" and "Your Scam Got Us in this Jam!" (link to picture) This protest was organized by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, and is the second this week organized by borrowers' advocacy groups. On Tuesday, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) organized a protest in eight cities.

The fun has just begun. Have a pix link: Really Long Link
http:// /60smusic/Images/greenriver.jpeg
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1. October 13th 2007 @ 13:41. S.L. Says:
I love Creedence! The louder the better!

Sounds like the natives are getting restless... Especially the natives who have been on the "messy end" of the real estate stick. The uprising seems to have begun, all over the country, with no telling where it will end. Those who fell for the adjustable rate scheme were like sailors of old, listening to a siren song. They should have read the fine print and done the math before signing. I feel truly sorry for them, but to quote Hillary as she addressed Gen. Petraeus, they engaged in a "willing suspension of disbelief." They must, therefore, share some of the blame. Con artists (and realtors, and banks) can only succeed when their "marks" allow it.
2. October 13th 2007 @ 15:55. James Rickard Says:
Thanks to George, we stuck in Lodi.
3. October 13th 2007 @ 16:25. S.L. Says:
Uh... James? What blog were you commenting on?

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